YouTubers: Money First, Fans Later

In the eyes of many famous YouTubers, if it’s not for the money, it’s for nothing.

Many YouTubers, famous ones who have millions of subscribers, could care less about their subscribers, their fans. They’ve become businessmen.

And the little children who watch YouTubers on their mothers’ iPads don’t realize they’re just products in the eyes of these YouTubers.

Because to them, a view equals cha-ching.

And if you think a YouTuber such as PewDiePie deserves more subscribers than the entire country of France, you’re mistaken. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on these YouTubers, I’m just relaying what should not be.

Most of these YouTubers have a “quantity-over-quality just to make money” mindset, and a notable example of a YouTuber like this is MrBossFTW, whose entire channel revolves around Grand Theft Auto V and its online variation. MrBossFTW uploads about five ten-minute videos per day.

You may be saying, “Wait, how is that bad? That’s great!”

It would be great if the content wasn’t garbage.

Let me tell you right now, I don’t watch MrBossFTW, but I’ve heard all about him. See, when a video is over ten minutes, YouTubers can place more advertisements in their videos, so they can garner more revenue. So what does MrBossFTW do? He stretches most of his videos to just over ten minutes, like 10:04 or 10:07. This way, when the little GTA V squeakers watch his videos, they garner more ad revenue for him.

Now this wouldn’t be much of a problem if his content was good. But it’s not.

Since he only makes videos about GTA, he has to find ways to scrap together any information he can, stretch it out into a ten minute video, and upload it with a clickbait thumbnail and title. Most of the times, the thumbnail contains something that’s not even in the game or video itself, which entices people to click on the video, which results in more money for him. The title of the video also usually contains something that’s barely, if even at all, addressed in the video. And it’s always in capital letters, which is known to attract more views.

But getting back on track, he reuses content. A lot. Like, almost every video is about a topic he already covered in the past. A notable example of this is how he created over 125 (yes, 125) GTA Online: Gunrunning videos (in case you don’t know, Gunrunning was a DLC released in June 2017) about the same regurgitated garbage. There’s also proof of him doxxing fans who disagreed with him, but that’s a story for another day, by another author.

I know I just ranted a lot about MrBossFTW, but it’s not only him. Believe me, it’s not only him. CaseyNeistat is another example, but unlike MrBossFTW, he actually has a large fanbase that supports him (which is nonsensical).

Either way, it’s become a large issue on YouTube that most people aren’t aware of. But it’s possible to stop this nonsense, get these YouTubers banned, and put an end to them taking advantage of the lesser community.

Chris is a writer and publisher who travels America, and loves doing it. He also loves pizza, video games, and sports, and can tell you a thing or two about each. Follow him on Medium to be informed of new articles.



Native New Yorker. Pizza, Sports, Games, Life. Writing about whatever my heart desires. Follow me here and on Twitter for more articles!

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Chris K

Chris K

Native New Yorker. Pizza, Sports, Games, Life. Writing about whatever my heart desires. Follow me here and on Twitter for more articles!