This Little-Known New York Promenade Will Complete You

Chris K
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Ceasar’s Bay provides the ultimate walk-or-ride experience. Photo by Chris6d, taken on June 2, 2018

If you’re from New York City and like to walk or bike-ride, you know that there are plenty, and I mean plenty, of walkways, pathways, promenades and esplanades in the city to do so.

But one that says and does it all is a lesser-known one. It’s called Ceasar’s Bay (not Caesar’s, Ceasar’s. Why it’s spelled this way, I don’t know). But you’re not complete until you walk or bike ride the full length.

It’s located on the west shore of Brooklyn, across from Staten Island.

The path is 4.5 miles from end to end, and 9 miles if you go to the end and back. It may not seem like a lot if you’re used to cycling or walking greater distances than that, and longer pathways than that, but trust me, it’s worth it.

Do it daily or weekly, and you’re in for quite a treat (and a great workout).

The path stretches from the Ceasar’s Bay Shopping Center in Bath Beach (technically in Gravesend borders, but feels more like Bath Beach) to the American Veterans Memorial Pier in northern Bay Ridge (or vice versa).

The path runs along the Belt Parkway (aka Leif Ericson Drive) for its entirety, so it’s easy to get to if you drive. There’s parking along the Belt Parkway, but I would recommend driving to the Ceasar’s Bay Shopping Center (exit 5) and parking in the huge parking lot. There’s also a variety of shops there, so begin your journey there, along the water. And don’t worry, even though it runs next to the highway, it’s far enough from the highway that you’re totally safe.

If you’re taking transit, I’d recommend taking the R train to the Bay Ridge Avenue station, then head five blocks west to the Pier, and go south along the path from there. You could also take the D train to the Bay Parkway station, then head about four blocks south to the Shopping Center, and begin there.

The blue path is the entire 4.5 mile long Ceasar’s Bay walk. There and back, it’s 9 miles.

You could either begin at the Pier and head south to the Shopping Center, grab a bite to eat at Pizza D’Amore (next to Best Buy) and trek back; or you could begin at the Shopping Center, trek north to the Pier, relax for a bit, then head back south to the Shopping Center and grab a bite to eat at Pizza D’Amore (or go clothes shopping). Either one works.

The path is especially nice to walk on during the evening hours. Watching the sun set over the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge is quite breathtaking, and is possibly the best part about the path. The views you get of the bridge itself, Staten Island, the abandoned Hoffman and Swinburne Islands, the boats running along the bay, and the cars running along the parkway are simply amazing, to put it in simple terms.

Like any promenade, there are both pedestrians and cyclists on it, so be alert.

In 2017, rentable pedal surreys (those manual carts that you pedal) and tricycles were added to the Shopping Center side, so you could rent one of these things and take it up to the Pier and back, if that’s your style. I’ve also seen people riding the promenade with roller blades, skateboards, scooters, and even those one-wheeled hoverboard monocycle things, so whatever your style, come on down to Ceasar’s Bay and check out all it has to offer.

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