The Answer is Redevelopment, Not Building Schlongs Off Manhattan

Rather than build new and expensive land, we should focus first on redeveloping existing land in the city.

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Quite recently, a radical proposal to solve, or at least deal with, New York City’s rapidly growing housing crisis popped up in an essay from The New York Times. A professor contemplated ways that the housing crisis could be dealt with, and the end result was what he called “New Mannahatta”.

Land reclamation was used to construct Battery Park City in the 1980s and expand Manhattan.
Second Avenue Sagas on Twitter calls for the upzoning of neighborhoods as another alternative.
Each block in Willets Point can consist of mixed-use buildings (yellow squares) which would add over 4,750 affordable housing units to the area (rendering on left).
Ceasar’s Bay currently (left) as opposed to if it was developed (blueprint, right). 22 new buildings could exist.
Taking a look at Barren Island, you can get a sense of how much land and potential is currently being wasted.



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