An Analysis of a Neighborhood: Gravesend, Brooklyn

A streetcar wanders the streets of Brooklyn in the 1940s, near Gravesend.
Historic sign at the old Gravesend Cemetery, settled in 1643.
The site of an empty lot in Gravesend in 1940 (left) became apartment buildings (right) only a few years later.
The site of the Marlboro Houses in 1940 (left) before they were built, and today (right).
The Coney Island Yard takes up a significant swath of Gravesend’s land area.
Tracks of a streetcar line run underneath the elevated Culver subway line, 1940.
The land behind the house in 1940 (left) was empty, but by 1980 it was turned into the West Playground (right).



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Chris K

Chris K

Native New Yorker. Pizza, Sports, Games, Life. Writing about whatever my heart desires. Follow me here and on Twitter for more articles!