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Native New Yorker. Pizza, Sports, Games, Life. Writing about whatever my heart desires. Follow me for more articles!
Utopias come in all shapes and sizes, but only in one form: fantasy.

The High Line is an example of Green Gentrification which is an urban sustainability method with both benefits and drawbacks for a community

Madness was viewed as an incurable disease, and Mary Shelley isn’t shy to portray this view of madness in her novel ‘Frankenstein’.

YouTuber BigPlanes has managed to create a giant Airbus A380 replica, all out of LEGO bricks. Credit: BigPlanes via Flickr

The concept of citizenship plays a significant role in one’s personal identity, no matter the country of origin.

Whether it’s a small town or a massive metropolitan area (Miami pictured), our urban spaces can and must be managed effectively. Photo by Chris6d.

Time is a manmade, yet natural concept that those in the Middle Ages had a strong perception of.

Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’ portrays the abuse of minority groups in the form of anti-Semitism

Coney Island truly contains all the charm and glamor it’s known for. But it wasn’t always this way. Photo: Mark Lennihan via AP

Chuck Berry, an African-American musician and one of the pioneers of Rock N’ Roll. Photo: Michael Ochs Archives / Stringer

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