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The story of Frankenstein reveals quite a bit about the Romantic view of madness

Madness was viewed as an incurable disease, and Mary Shelley isn’t shy to portray this view of madness in her novel ‘Frankenstein’.

Frankenstein, to many, is a prominent horror icon and prominent Halloween costume choice. But on a literary level, Frankenstein is a legendary novel written by Mary Shelley during the height of the Romantic Period of the early 19th century. The novel, which tells the tale of an inventor plagued with madness creating a hideous creature capable of horrid objectives, is a representation of the human element of madness, which was commonly viewed as an incurable disease during this era. …

Fasten your seatbelts, minifigures, as it’ll be a smooth ride on the LEGO A380

YouTuber BigPlanes has managed to create a giant Airbus A380 replica, all out of LEGO bricks. Credit: BigPlanes via Flickr

The human race can be split up into two types of people: those who play with, use or have a fondness for LEGO bricks, and those who do not. For those who do not, the comparison is over, but for those who do, there are again two types of people: those who build sets using the instructions, and those who reject the sets and use the pieces to build whatever their imagination desires.

As a kid, I was always one who followed the instructions when it…

Our citizenship plays a key role in our personal identity, whether we like it or not

The concept of citizenship plays a significant role in one’s personal identity, no matter the country of origin.

The term identity can arguably belong to a category containing a plethora of words whose meanings can differ drastically depending on each person. The fact that the term identity, in its raw sense, refers to the unique traits, personality and characteristics of a single person, is actually fitting, as identity itself differs for each and every person, similar to how the meaning of the word can vary slightly for each and every person.

As such, identity can differ based on the way people around…

Effective techniques can ensure the sustainability of our cities for decades to come

Whether it’s a small town or a massive metropolitan area (Miami pictured), our urban spaces can and must be managed effectively. Photo by Chris6d.

A city is a complex organization of urban spaces containing essential functions for its populace, and there are a plethora of ways cities can be both efficient and sustainable. The concept of urban sustainability revolves around this very idea, that cities can be made sustainable through proper methods.

There are a wide variety of factors which influence our perspectives and approaches towards urban sustainability. This includes the use of numerous models such as the Just Sustainability Paradigm, approaches to the Carbon Cycle, the promotion of a common…

Geoffrey Chaucer was not shy towards inspecting the meaning of time

Time is a manmade, yet natural concept that those in the Middle Ages had a strong perception of.

The works of Geoffrey Chaucer undertake a wide variety of themes, and it can be argued that time, and the meaning of time, is one of those primary themes. Time is a general, manmade concept with significant importance in human lives, and Chaucer’s works analyze the meaning of this system which we call time.

Chaucer ensures that his works reflect the medieval views and perceptions of time, as they were written during that period, and reflects the relationship between time and poetry. …

How two completely different works of literature convey the same theme

Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’ portrays the abuse of minority groups in the form of anti-Semitism

Works of literature can be universally understood in relation to one another. One work may be a member of an entirely different genre than another, and may encapsulate an entirely different cast of characters, locations, or even background than another. However, it is entirely possible that both works, despite their differences, can tackle the same theme.

The play The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare, which falls into the drama genre, and The Life of Olaudah Equiano by Olaudah Equiano, which falls into the autobiography genre, are completely different…

New York’s amusement destination has seen rapid growth in recent years

Coney Island truly contains all the charm and glamor it’s known for. But it wasn’t always this way. Photo: Mark Lennihan via AP

There is without a doubt a certain fondness that encroaches upon a person when they visit Coney Island. Home to New York City’s only major amusement park, the neighborhood is home to a rich history of change, with that change continuing to the present day.

However, the last fifteen years have regenerated life for Coney Island, giving it a new breath of fresh air, which was the result of a multitude of projects, proposals, and rezoning. …

A musical genre which went on to induce moral panic for the sake of equality

Chuck Berry, an African-American musician and one of the pioneers of Rock N’ Roll. Photo: Michael Ochs Archives / Stringer

The 20th century was home to the largest array of advancements in human history, and music was without a doubt a factor. The emergence of new genres of music during this time period had profound impacts on society which continue to this day, including the overcoming of segregation and improvement of racial boundaries.

While a wide range of music genres were introduced during the 20th century, the emergence of Rock ’n’ Roll music and the moral panics which ensued are among the most significant of…

The 20th-century city planning regulations which promoted racism

In the 20th century, changes to city planning promoted division and racism. Image by Brownstoner.

It is an unfortunate reality that racism has been a primary factor in the history of the United States, with race determining the prosperity of the country’s immigrants and citizens. A major aspect of the history of the United States, and one that paints a picture of its growth over time, is indeed the development of its urban and suburban environments. Racism has had a profound impact on many aspects of the United States which remain today, and the planning of America’s urban and suburban spaces is a prime example.

During the early development of the United States, which lasted…

Why the theme of old age was so important and focused on in the Middle Ages

The perceptions we have of old may age stem from the Middle Ages.

It is undeniable that The Canterbury Tales are Geoffrey Chaucer’s magnum opus. Its twenty-four stories carefully intertwine a complex collection of themes, with each tale tackling different elements which, when combined, form the crux of The Canterbury Tales.

Among the numerous themes undertaken in the work, there is one that relates to every living being on Earth, and that is old age. Aging is universal; that is, every organism experiences the aging process, which eventually leads to death. …

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